Four Islands Tour

8h30: - Arrive at the hotel, The Stone Bridge to the port. On board and depart the island tour.
1. Ship to HON MUN :     Stop 1 hour
On board the float pool, diving glasses, free snorkel for swimming you see the coral.  
2. Ship to more than one: Stop 2 hour
- Dine on board with dishes of Vietnam.
- Participate in live music performances, singing, dance "homegrown".
- Join the party on the beach alcoholic "drinking on the beach, sea bathing, drinking wine in Da Lat, sip the fragrant".
3. Ship to BAI TRANH :     Stop 1 hour
- Visitors to the island to visit, rest, bathing beach, participating in beach games such as water motor, paddle, pull even
- Use fruit as the ship left the Beach Painting: rambutan, banana, dragon fruit, guava, papaya, watermelon, pineapple ...
4.Ship to HO CA TRI NGUYEN :     Stop 1 hour.
- Visitors to "The Water Supply and Lake fishing vessel open." Which showcases many corals, marine life.

16h30 - Stone Bridge ship back to port. Arrive the hotel.
          Terminate tour
Customer self-pay :
- Beer, soft drinks and other services
- Tickets to visit Tri Nguyen: 60.000 VND / person
- Bai Tranh Admission:  30.000 VND / person with chairs.

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